Cupido argiadesSpecies Short Tailed BlueEnglish Name Pupae x 5Stage £15.00Price NOWAvailability
Issoria lathoniaSpecies Queen of SpainEnglish Name Pupae x 5Stage £14.75Price Shortly to UK onlyAvailability
Papilio machaon Species European Swallowtail English Name Larvae x 10Stage £ 8.95Price End JulyAvailability
P.machaon gorganusSpecies European Swallowtail..English Name Pupae x 1Stage £3.95Price NOWAvailability
Inachis io Species Peacock English Name Larvae x 15Stage £8.95Price Early AugustAvailability
Inachis io Species Peacock.English Name Pupae x 5Stage £9.00Price June 2018Availability
A.urticaeSpecies Small TortoiseshellEnglish Name Larvae x 15Stage £8.95Price NOWAvailability
A.urticaeSpecies Small TortoiseshellEnglish Name Pupae x 5Stage £7.50Price NOWAvailability
Polygonia c-albumSpecies CommaEnglish Name 15 ova / 12 larvae as availableStage £8.95Price NOWAvailability
Polygonia c-album Species CommaEnglish Name Pupae x 5Stage £9.00Price July - AugustAvailability