…………….Latest Migrant Arrivals 2016……

Night of 31st.

Migrants were 1 Gem, 1 Silver Y, 1 Rusty dot Pearl and 4 Rush Veneers.


Night of 30th.

Migrants were Scarce Bordered Straw, Silver Y and 4 Gems.


Night of 29th

Migrants were Gem, Silver Y, Rush Veneer and Rusty dot Pearl.


Night of 27th.

Silver Y, Dark Sword-grass and Rusty dot Pearl the only migrants plus a very late and 1st of the year Red Underwing.


Night of 15th

Gem and Silver Y.


Night of 8th

Olive Tree Pearl, Dark Sword-grass, Silver Y and Rush Veneer.


Nights of 1st to the 6th

Very few migrants trapped except Silver Ys, Dark Sword-grass and Rush Veneers.