Papilio machaon Species European Swallowtail English Name Larvae x 10Stage £ 10.95Price Summer, to UK onlyAvailability
Nymphalis polychlorosSpecies Large TortoiseshellEnglish Name Larvae x 10Stage £11.95Price Next larvae in May.Availability
Inachis io Species Peacock English Name Larvae x 10Stage £9.95Price May, to UK only Availability
A.urticaeSpecies Small TortoiseshellEnglish Name Larvae x 10 (see info)Stage £9.95Price NOWAvailability
Polygonia c-albumSpecies CommaEnglish Name 15 ova / 10 larvaeStage £9.95Price NOW Availability
Apatura iliaSpecies Lesser Purple EmperorEnglish Name Larvae x 5Stage £12.50Price Summer, see infoAvailability
G.rhamniSpecies BrimstoneEnglish Name Larvae x 10Stage £8.95Price May-JuneAvailability
Charaxes jasiusSpecies Two-tailed PashaEnglish Name Larvae x 5Stage £10.00Price April, to UK onlyAvailability