• Species : Agrius convolvuli
  • English Name : Convolvulus Hawk
  • Stage : 15 ova / 12 larvae
  • Price : £9.95
  • Availability : June? or August - September

This large Hawk moth migrates to the UK each year and can be seen hovering over Nicotiana , Tiger Lilly and Honeysuckle plants at dusk.

The larvae feed on Morning Glory, Sweet Potato, Convolvulus, Hedge Bindweed  and Field Bindweed. The pupae over winters but must not be allowed to get to cold, about 8 – 10°c is about right for this species.

Availability dependent on migration which usually occurs August until October but sometimes as early as June.

 Ova and larvae will be from wild females caught in the garden at Nicotiana flowers.