• Species : Papilio machaon
  • English Name : European Swallowtail
  • Stage : Larvae x 10
  • Price : £....
  • Available : n/a


The Swallowtail is for experienced breeders only and not suitable for schools or children who have no experience of  the Swallowtail.

The larvae should be kept on growing food plant where possible and  NOT in closed boxes.

This is not a UK species but a few may migrate here some years.

P.machaon  gorganus  is not a protected species.

Larvae of Gorganus are a dull green compared with Britannicus larvae which are a bright lime green in the final instar. The pupae are also a different colour and shape when compared to Britannicus  pupae.

Larvae feed on Fennel, Dill, Parsnip, Carrot, Rue and other Umbellifers. Double or triple brooded.