• Species : Nymphalis polychloros
  • English Name : Large Tortoiseshell
  • Stage : Larvae x 10
  • Price : £12.95
  • Available : Spring ?, see more info.

This species may be available in May-June, no guarantee at present time until after successful hibernation. 

10 larvae for £12.95. Suitable for experienced breeders only, not schools or children. 

Larvae of the Large Tortoiseshell prefer Wych Elm* which has large leaves which the larvae can hide under when it rains as they dislike being wet.They will also take other Elms*, Sallows, Cherry*, Pear*, Celtis*, possibly Apple and many other trees.They will also feed on Hawthorn but the larvae must start on this. Sleeving the larvae is best in full sun and protect from rain if possible. Large Tortoiseshell © devonbutterflies