• Species : Daphnis nerii
  • English Name : Oleander Hawk
  • Stage : Ova x 15
  • Price : £10.95
  • Availability : Spring


The larvae feed on Oleander (nerium), and Periwinkle (vinca sp), a common ground cover plant and will usually take Privet.

If the larvae will not accept Privet, cut up some Periwinkle / Oleander leaves and soak them in water for a few hours until the water obtains the flavour of the Periwinkle.

This should then be sprayed onto a sprig of Privet and allowed to dry before offering it to the larvae.

Another way is to break Periwinkle leaves and rub the privet leaf with the broken leaf.

Minor Hostplants.  Vitis, Gardenia, Asclepias, Jasminum, Trachelospermum, Amsonia, Carissa, Tabernaemontana,  Rhazya, Adenium, Catharanthus, Ipomoea and Thevetia

This species cannot survive the winter in Northern Europe so should be kept warm.

Remember the food plants of this species are poisonous so wash your hands.

The larvae stage can be as short as 16 days at 25*C and pupae stage only 3 – 4 weeks. Continually brooded.