• Species : Charaxes jasius
  • English Name : Two-tailed Pasha
  • Stage : Larvae x 5
  • Price : £...
  • Available : September possibly or 2022.

The Two Tailed Pasha is Europe’s largest butterfly. The larvae feed on the Strawberry Tree*, Arbutus unedo. Twigs of Strawberry Tree (cut in the evening) can be stood in water and will last for about 2 weeks. 

Bay Laurel laurus nobilis, Peach Prunus persica and wild Rosa ssp, ( Rose familyare said to be acceptable food plants but i will not guarantee this, also  it is stated larvae will accept some species of Oak, however Arbutus unedo is the natural food plant available from garden centres.Two Tailed Pasha © devonbutterfliesTwo Tailed Pasha © devonbutterflies